Relationships, Money, Health, Spirituality: The Subtle Messages of the Two of Swords

The Two of Swords in a Love and Health Reading

When this card appears in a love reading it can indicate a stalemate or relationship at crossroads. It may also represent difficult or stressful financial decisions and an inability or unwillingness to face reality.

In a reversed position this card could suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed or distracted and that you need to slow down to hear your inner wisdom.


When this card appears in your reading it usually indicates that you have been placed in a position of mediation. You may find yourself stuck in a conflict with someone where both sides refuse to see the other’s point of view. This can be stressful and frustrating, especially if it involves work issues. Alternatively this can represent corruption or dishonesty within the workplace that you are aware of but choosing to ignore or turn a blind eye.

You may also find yourself trying to avoid this situation by putting your head in the sand and hoping that the issue will resolve itself, however this can only prolong this tense time for you. You may need to take a step back from the drama to find out what is really going on and how you can address it. This could be an excellent time to check out Scholagladiatoria, a great channel that covers HEMA sparring in particular.


When this card appears in a reading it may be a warning that you are ignoring or refusing to see the truth about something. It can be financially harmful to continue in denial about this issue and it is time to take a close look at your situation with clear eyes.

This card could also indicate that you are in a conflict over money. Perhaps you are torn between two co-workers who have opposing views and you do not want to appear disloyal to either. Alternatively, this card could suggest that you are having issues with finances in general and need to make some changes.

The woman in this card is wearing a blindfold and holding two swords. She is stressed about a problem that seems to be out of her control. She is wishing that she could just ignore the issue and it will go away. Unfortunately, the reality is that this will only lead to more stress and anxiety.


In a health reading, the Two of Swords indicates that you may be experiencing a bit of an emotional turmoil regarding a matter concerning your personal life. This card can also indicate that you are struggling to make a decision that is important to you and your relationship. This indecisiveness can lead to anxiety or even a state of panic. If this is the case, it would be beneficial to seek out additional information or alternatives.

The reversed Two of Swords can also indicate that you are being torn between two options and can’t decide which direction to take. This can be in the form of a difficult financial decision or being torn between two allegiances or relationships. It can be helpful to remember that excessive worrying and rumination can be detrimental to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Seek out ways to reduce your stress levels and focus on the positive aspects of any situation you are currently facing.


In a spiritual context, the Two of Swords advises caution and careful consideration. This card also emphasizes the need to balance rational thought and intuition when making decisions. It also indicates the need to weigh the pros and cons before choosing a path that may affect your abundance.

Whether this involves relationships, finances, or spirituality, the Two of Swords suggests that it is important to remove any unnecessary drama from your life. This includes toxic people, negative self-talk, and any other things that keep you stuck in a place of confusion and discord.

In his book The Two Swords of the Church, Kenrick shows that attempts to qualify, refine or redefine the teachings of Unam Sanctam have been made since medieval times. He notes that a number of major theologians, including St. Bernard, did not accept the allegorical reading that the swords represent Christ’s two powers of spiritual and temporal authority. Consequently, he concludes that it is not appropriate to use this theory to justify the hierocratic position of the church.

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